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NFT Services

Yes!  You can create your own NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for personal documents, photos, artwork, videos, & more!

NFTs are tokens that we can all use to represent ownership of unique items. They let us tokenize things like art, music, collectibles, important records, and even real estate. NFTs can only have one official owner at a time and they're secured by a blockchain that supports smart contracts, such as Ethereum blockchain.  Ethereum is undoubtedly the foremost platform for developing NFTs, but Ethereum can be very expensive place to transact business when demands are high on the network.  Several "Layer 2" solutions have been developed to help ease the cost and raise transaction speeds, like Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and many others.  No one can modify the record of ownership or copy and paste a new NFT into existence.  Let us help you plan your NFT project.

At Bitcoin Consultants Worldwide we not only have clients at beginner levels in need of a basic NFT education, but we also cater to those seeking more in-depth knowledge.   Where ever you are on your NFT journey, we are here to help you move forward.

NFT/ Blockchain/ Metaverse Services:

If you have an idea, but don’t know where to begin, we can create a unique, personal and special NFT for just for you. 

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