Bitcoin Bandicoot, LLC

Bitcoin Bandicoot, LLC

Certified Bitcoin Professional

Jess is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), has a background in architectural design, graphic art, marketing, real estate, land development, and has been active with crypto since 2016. She enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge about investing, trading, and research to help others decentralize, gain financial independence, and learn about blockchain innovation. Ask Jess about the Metaverse and how the Metaverse can benefit you.


  • Business Consulting – provide step-by-step instructions from setting up a Calendly, creating YouTube videos, hosting Zoom meetings, setting up payment methods, as well as obtaining legal insurance, tax assistance and much more!

  • Wallet Security

  • Hardware Security

  • Bitcoin Nodes, Masternodes, and Staking

  • Alt-Coin Research and Trading

  • NFT Research

  • Private servers and digital privacy protection

  • Lightning Network

  • Business and Entrepreneurship